GreenHopping is a technology and health start-up founded in New York City in 2013.

GreenHopping seeks to facilitate access to healthy plant-based eateries by placing all vegan, raw, gluten-free and vegetarian restaurants, as well as green juice bars, cold-pressed juice bars, green smoothie bars and health food stores that offer these beverages on an electronic map for consumers to locate via a GPS mobile application or the Internet. Our goal is to be the go-to food ordering service that allows users to locate and order food for delivery or takeout from places with a focus on healthy and green eating.  

We focus on showcasing the entire exclusively natural, organic, healthy, and farm-fresh-to-table style restaurants in each city. At present, we assist consumers in finding healthy juice bars and restaurants, but our goal is to facilitate the sale of juices to customers. By encouraging customers to buy green foods (with a heavy focus on green juices and smoothies) we also encourage a transition into a healthy lifestyle, potentially mitigating the risks related to obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. There are over 1,000 stores in the US national database alone.

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The act of "hopping" from green bar to green bar; in reference to the popular term 'bar-hopping.' 


In 2012, GreenHopping's co-founder, Catherine Cuello, suffered a health scare at the age of 23. She lost her left ovary out of precaution and because of a germ cell tumor. Rather than commit to a lifetime and lifestyle of prescribed medicine, Catherine decided to change her lifestyle and eating habits to reboot her immune system - going raw vegan literally overnight. 

It has been a beautiful journey, as her life changed drastically for the better and she reached a higher consciousness state of awareness and gratitude. She realized how energized and clean green juices and raw foods made her feel, and thought she needed to share it with those around her.

Catherine met her lifetime partner while on her healing journey, and has learned how to live a more grounded, natural, organic, sugar-free, and plant-based lifestyle because of her health scare. It is yet another way of showing that everything happens for a reason. 

In 2013, Catherine's partner and GreenHopping co-founder, Alfred Fuente, thought a mobile app that would help Catherine to locate green juices and buy them via the app or the Internet would facilitate the process when in a new city or neighborhood. The mobile app concept is constantly changing and expanding as they discover new and better ways of living.


We believe that a plant-based diet is helpful to being in good health, and good preparation for facing the complexities of today's way of living. GreenHopping strives to motivate consumers to think twice about what they eat and to encourage them to reject packaged or processed food. Our mission is to help inspire lifestyle changes by facilitating access to healthy food and by educating consumers about the beneficial effects of eating a plant-based diet. Our goal is to create change via technology, by introducing a more 'natural' lifestyle in a way that's accessible and applicable to today's consumer habits via a mobile food locator and delivery platform. 

GreenHopping also has a strong grassroots initiative: encouraging grocers and supermarket chains that are frequented by food stamp recipients to provide greener and healthier choices. We work with community initiatives such as farmers markets, urban farming, urban agriculture education, and mobile food vans to help fill the gap through local partnerships and collaborations. The projects we envision working on are meant to educate all students, especially minority students in elementary school and high school, about healthy eating, sustainable ways to grow food, ways to find the healthiest option on a menu, and the importance of green eating to prevent disease.



Catherine Cuello - Founder & CEO 

Catherine considers GreenHopping to be her life mission - to inspire change in people's lifestyle choices and decisions. Catherine is a yogi and a raw vegan - she is grateful for what healthy eating and yoga have done to her life. Prior to GreenHopping, Catherine worked in corporate and political communications in New York City. She earned a BA in International Relations and Politics from Coventry University, England. She is originally from the Dominican Republic and grew up in Geneva, Switzerland and Brussels, Belgium partially. Catherine is expected to complete her Masters Degree in Food Studies from the New York University Steinhardt School in May 2016.

Alfred Fuente - Co-Founder & General Counsel 

Alfred is an attorney in New York City. Prior to practicing law, Alfred was an Associate Director at Cushman & Wakefield in its Real Estate Valuation Practice. He focused on the commercial real estate markets in New York City and Paris, France. He attended American University Washington College of Law and graduated in December 2011. He earned two Master's degrees from l'Universite de Paris - La Sorbonne and a B.A. from Florida State University. He is originally from Miami, Florida.

Ellen Perez - Chief Financial Officer & Advisor 

Ellen is a research economist with experience in the export sector and central banking. Her interest in natural ways began as a teenager, reading labels on manufactured foods, Prevention magazine and medical studies. She is also a proud mother of three and is always looking for natural ways to heal through love, time (nature on its own), and proper diagnosis.

Cristina Hermida - Operations and Marketing

Cristina is passionate about entrepreneurship and has a diverse background in business and marketing. She and Catherine have been besties since high-school, and she has been involved in the business development of GreenHopping since its inception. Cristina currently works for a crowdfunding platform that focuses on developing the start-up community of Miami, Florida. She earned a BS in Management, Marketing and Information Design and Corporate Communications from Bentley University in Massachusetts. She is originally from the Dominican Republic and lives in Miami, Florida.

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We are available in New York City, Jersey City, Hoboken, The Hamptons, Long Island, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Miami.

Our next big launches will be Toronto, Vancouver, Paris, Madrid, Geneva, Zurich, London, and Amsterdam. Additional US cities will roll out periodically!

Stay tuned for the rollout of a mobile payment system to have green juices and healthy food options at your fingertips!

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