Juice Lab

Edgy Wellness Sanctuary

This café is the perfect combination of wholesomeness and street art, a place where you can kick it, do some remote work and enjoy a delicious açai bowl. Walking into JuiceLab, the vibe is clear -- a garage style pop up store with a wonderful mural by Peruvian local artist Chris Dyer and the lingering smell of Palo Alto. The menu offers refreshing juice options, delicious bites and a variety of bowls -- what you will not find is coffee, so bring your own. 

Their Philosophy

Juice Lab's icon is the hummingbird, a symbol of eternity, continuity, and infinity. They believe in following the sun and solar nutrition, two themes often found in their social accounts. JuiceLab states that It's not only what you eat, but when you eat it. Solar nutrition is the philosophy of eating for the highest energy and nutritional value. Getting the most out of your food.

Must try! 

  • Their seasonal Cream of Carrot soup
  • The Chia Pudding
  • The açaí bowls blended with mamey
  • The Mojito Green Juice

WHY we ♡ them

  • For their magical vibes
  • Great place to work remotely
  • Good music 




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