At VIKAZ, the belief is that you are born to be powerful, abundant, vitally alive, thriving and aligned with your purpose & passions. 

They stand for the remembrance of who you are and can support you in growing into, owning and embodying all of this and more. In the Sanskrit language, VIKAZ means to evolve, open, shine, blossom, become visible.  


According to VIKAZ... 

It begins with tending to the most critical piece – YOUR SPINE. The quality of your spine impacts the quality of your life. Period. Your ability to align with your desires and expand your range of life are directly related to the state of your spine and nervous system. In short: A fluid, flexible & healthy spine equals a fluid, flexible & healthy life. And that’s just the baseline!

We are here to assist you and your body in connecting to and liberating all of that stored energy from your life experiences to UNLOCK ITS INNATE HEALING POTENTIAL, get the lessons and wisdom within, awaken your inner guidance system and reconnect you with your core that you may remember who you really are.  We are very passionate in sponsoring you to step into the exquisite POWER OF ALIGNING . . .

SPINE  for optimal function, flexibility, adaptability, & healing in a modern world that demands it
BODY so you are tuned into the wise messages constantly coming thru, creating health & vitality
EMOTIONS  so that you can be fully expressed & engaged in the brilliant spectrum of life
MIND  so that your thoughts are focused & fueled by inspiration, courage & progress
SOUL so that you choose & direct your life from a place of knowing exactly what’s right for you
TRUE NATURE so you experience the extraordinary call to fulfill your destiny to be of service