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Organic + Cold-pressed kick-ass madness

According to their site:

 Juice press  is an extraordinarily detail driven business. there is no other way to survive unless we are prepared to fight and win every daily problem. we build awesome retail stores and work hard to staff them with juice enthusiastic team members.

*we are usda organic. juice press uses only usda organic produce. our supplements, such as green powders, are usda organic. our kitchen is certified usda organic and inspected regularly.

*we cold press our juice. cold press juicing has several advantages. both the goodnature x1 and the norwalk juice presses shred down the solid produce to a pulp. the pulp is then pressed by the hydraulic press. this method is far more efficient than a rotary blade machine, which leaves behind much juice in the pulp.


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Tiny Empire

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Big City, Tiny Empire

Never underestimate the small stuff!

It’s a big city. Which is why you can’t underestimate the small stuff. After all, it’s the small stuff that gets you through—whether it’s a swim across the Hudson or a ride on a packed L train. At Tiny Empire, we make small batches of raw, organic, unpasteurized juices that are packed with big flavor and essential nutrients. We find it’s all you need to make this city your own.

Modern life takes its toll on the body and the mind. But there’s no reason to stop burning the candle at both ends; at least, not entirely. A short remedial cleanse is enough to put a bounce back in your step and a smile back on your face. Tailored to the most common ailments of today’s New Yorker, each juice cleanse of raw organic fruits and vegetables address a specific range of issues that energize the body and reinvigorate the mind.

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The Menu


The tiny empire that is your body is governed by the nutrients and maintenance that you provide. As the most intense of the three cleanse options, this program allows your digestive, immune and lymphatic systems to recover against the effects of our synthetic world.


Detoxify, Heal, Balance

$52 / Day

Daily Program
Aloe Shot, #2 Juice, #3 Juice, #4 Juice, #6 Juice & Almond Milk


It’s all too easy to allow the good intentions to remain just that while grabbing a slice on your way to evening drinks, only to sleep through the alarm and skip your morning run. Make your good intentions positive actions with the Option One cleanse, clearing the way for more productive days ahead.


Rest, Restore, Revive

$61 / Day

Daily Program
Aloe Shot, #1 Juice, Chia Seed Oatmeal, #4 Juice, Kale Salad (please See Food Section For Choices), #5 Juice & Almond Milk


As the original Tiny Empire juice cleanse, this one remains our personal favorite. Simple enough to manage within a hectic schedule, Option Two is a more intense cleanse to allow moderate detoxification while minimizing the side effects encountered with a deeper cleanse. For those confident in their commitment to a juice cleanse, but concerned about an ever-full inbox, Option Two is for you.


Nourish, Energize, Invigorate

$57 / Day

Daily Program
Aloe Shot, #1 Juice, #2 Juice, #3 Juice, #4 Juice, #5 Juice & Almond Milk