Peacefood Cafe

Peace begins on your plate.

Peacefood Cafe serves delicious, innovative, and healthy vegan cuisine prepared with mindfulness, gratitude, and intention to nurture spirit and body.


Peacefood Cafe is named after the simple idea that peace begins on your plate. Two vegans founded peacefood cafe in 2009 on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Eric, an antiques dealer, and Peter, an interior designer, believe the awareness of non-violence can be spread through feeding people with delicious vegan food. After much consideration, they decided to change careers and focus on sharing the joys of the vegan experience with everyone. A vegan lifestyle can transform not only the lives of farm animals but also the environment and one’s personal health. With a successful first location, a second Peacefood Cafe opened in March 2013 in the vibrant Union Square neighborhood.

Must Try! 

  • The Roasted Japanese Pumpkin Sandwich
  • The pan-seared french horn mushrooms focaccia
  • All of their delicious vegan baked goods and desserts


  • Their beautiful ambience and delicious vegan sweets. It feels like a home away from home, where grandma bakes (healthy) goods. 

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