Joe & the JUICE

where all the beautiful people drink Juice + coffee and build empires

Have you ever wondered where all the cool kids get their organic coffee and hangout? This is the place!

From the hipster funny baristas -- who are constantly joking around while breaking some moves -- to the A-MA-ZING playlist of beats that transition from a Barry's Bootcamp mode to 90s classics, everything about this place is BOOMING! 

This is a booming European chain, with stores all over the world (including Australia, Korea, and Singapore) that has just crossed-over to the U.S. starting in New York City. This is BY FAR our favorite work spot in downtown NYC - if you can handle the beauties and the beats. 

must try! 

  • The Stress Down juice -- semi sweet and super refreshing

  • The Ginger Shot -- on fire! 

  • The avocado sandwich (minus the cheese) -- the bread is amazing. 


  • We love them for bringing back the edgy into the health world. It's not all zen and namaste -- there is also deep house music. 
  • For setting up their stores in a way that encourages networking and/or enough privacy to crunch in some work.
  • For the PHOTO-BOOTH!  

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