Daily Mindfulness with Catherine Cuello

These are simple tips I've mastered throughout out the years that REALLY help me manage this city especially. 


  • A morning mindful 5 minute meditation / positive affirmations



  • Powered green smoothie in the morning with berries (50 oz)



  • Lots of water



  • Raw veggies to munch on during the day with whole grains or sprouted bread // season with herbs and spices to bring out tastiness



  • Homemade all greens juice or store bought organic / freshly pressed or cold pressed green juice (at least 1-2 a day for mental clarity)



  • Positive affirmations throughout your work day



  • A walk back home to ease off the day



  • If you ride the subway, wear ear plugs!!



  • Yoga or a grounding activity like walking around the block a couple of times to clear your mind



  • Being mindful about when you go from one activity to the next - give your body enough time to pause before jumping into another assignment



  • Feeling thankful for simple things like having 2 legs to walk, ears to listen, eyes to appreciate the beauty around us, and fingers to write emails or feel things....