Caravan of Dreams

A Deep Respect for the Elements

A paradise for good food and health, music and dance, friends, family and lovers. Caravan of Dreams is for people that appreciate the quality of things -- with all organic, all vegan, kosher verified, and extensive live food options, plus a fully stocked bar, nightly entertainment, and occasional educational seminars and events.

Their Philosophy

Caravan of Dreams is more than a restaurant, more than an idea, it’s a philosophy put to practical use to enhance better living. 

At Caravan of Dreams they respect the elements to enhance your experience:

AIR: an air ionizer purifies throughout the restaurant.

WATER: Structured Bio-photonic water (enhances hydration and vitality).

LIGHT: High windows draws energy from the sun for Vitamin D, and we use energy-efficient lighting throughout the restaurant.

EARTH: Sustainability: we prepare only organic, bio-photonic foods.

SOUND: Nightly music to soothe the soul and sweeten the atmosphere.

Must Try! 

  • The Santa Maria Stir Fry
  • Miso and Maple Glazed Squash Platter
  • The Spanish Paella


  • Their Spanish influence, in both the menu and the ambiance -- LOVE the live music! 
  • Angel Moreno's commitment to serving the best ingredients in the most creative and delicious ways. 

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