American Food Veganized

Communal tables, whimsical decor & a patio warm up this vegan spot with live music on weekends. Plus a spin on the classic american sub -- the M.O.B.S. (made out of organic flour and locally grown ingredients) are a Brooklyn staple. 

Their Philosophy

M.O.B. is a subjective contribution to the new face of America, the belief that "America is back." A smooth approach, built on universal values. M.O.B. is also a step in the life of a man, that of Cyril Aouizerate. A life made of reflections, commitments and deep desires to know “The Other” in its most promising dimension for humanity. An invitation to rethink what appears trite: the desire to and the pleasure of eating together.

M.O.B. was born in the mind of Cyril Aouizerate, over a 20 year period, while he was studying the works of Maimonides on the health benefits of various combinations of vegetables, fruits and spices. At that time he tells himself that someday he will try to make this philosophical text an ambitious project in bringing men together, regardless of their beliefs.
The name is M.O.B. (Maimonides Of Brooklyn); a nod to the universalist philosopher who, in another era, would have lived here. The main course – the M.O.B. – a kind of "pie" or "avant-garde pizza" with different combinations of vegetables, fruits and spices, are in the shape of the arches of the Brooklyn Bridge. In order to continue his search for meaning, Cyril decides to create unique trays on which the M.O.B. will be served. He will make the trays (modern replicas of the Brooklyn Bridge) in a little French foundry and on the back add the phrase “designed by M.O.B. States, proudly made by French workers for the people of Brooklyn - Peace."

Must Try! 

  • All the M.O.B.S!!!
  • The Mob Dog
  • The entire brunch menu! 


  • The laid-back chill atmosphere giving us Brooklyn vibes
  • The guilt-free pleasure of our all-american favorites, but plant-based
  • Their Comic book series! Check it out Comic Book