L'Albero Dei Gelati




This is our go-to feel-good place in Brooklyn. The moment we walked we realized we had discovered a gem --  everything in this cute gelateria (from the music playing in the background, the love notes written in recycled boxes all around, to the giggles of children who often enjoy playing in the little tables and stools around them) is set up to make you feel at home and at peace. Not to mention the AMAZING organic, farm-to-table menu, full with a variety of vegan gelati. When you are here, you don't need to worry about ingredients and food limitations, in fact, you don't need to worry about anything! 

Say hi to the owners, they are always present and welcoming. The BEST!

Their Philosophy

It fills us with pride and emotion to use local ingredients from local farmers to make recipes in the style of our Italian heritage, because unity is strength. 

For our gelato, cakes, breads, espresso and wines we use only the very best raw materials from small farmers and sustainable producers.

Our "L'Albero dei gelati" could not exist without our small producers, who every day, work hard to create the highest quality ingredients respecting the land. Enjoy biodynamic wines, fresh Panini, seasonal soups,salads, frittata... local cheese and meats and of course our famous savory gelato!

Our "L'Albero dei gelati" (tree of Gelato) first set roots in 1985 in Lombardy, Italy through the passion of our mother and father. There they began making gelato by hand, using only raw ingredients of the highest quality: fresh, seasonal fruit, organic milk and cream, cocoa and sugar. 

There are no flavorings, dyes, preservatives or artificial additives of any kind in any of our product.
For us, "the best" means quality and certainly, it means taste. But equally important are food values and the effects that food has on us, our environment and future generations.

must try! 

  • Any of their panini's! GLUTEN FREE "FARINATA" (CHICK PEA BREAD) L'Albero likes to include everyone. For those who have an intolerance to gluten, our Panini can be prepared with homemade "Farinata"* (chick pea bread). "Farinata", which is typical from the Liguria Region, is made with only chick pea flour, water, salt, and extra virgin olive oil! "Simply amazing!"
  • The pizette -- offered at the counter and not on the menu -- the best organic, gluten free dough we have ever tasted! (ask without the cheese).
  • The hot chocolate with almond milk -- it is literally like a chocolate fondue! May be a little too much, share with others. 
  • The amazing variety of gelato based on organic and exotic ingredients (just make sure they are made with dairy).
  • Biodynamic wines and organic beer (if you consume alcohol). 



They are eco-friendly and use 100% compostable everything. They believe in energy and that every small step can help make a big difference.

They love local farmers and source their ingredients only from small producers in Brooklyn and nearby areas. 

They encourage you to be organic encouraging customers to plant their seeds in a 'to go' gelato box used at their shop and "together, we can paint the neighborhood green".

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