Temple Kitchen


a Temple of joy to the food

Easy breezy delicious vegan gluten-free food! The mix of asian and tropical flavors keeps the menu refreshing in this temple of joy. 


Think about what it’s like to truly enjoy a meal—good food, good company, that moment in the day that you most remember. That moment, however brief, when you can focus on what’s in front of you (and it’s not a phone). That delicious moment that lifts your health, your happiness. 
Now think about enjoying that meal with us.
TEMPLE is a place to love what you eat. We cook for you, for the goodness in your life that food should be. We understand that means in your real life, where time is limited and in-boxes infinite.
We are whole food plant-based and still fun to hang out with.
We take our commitment to nutritious, pleasurable cooking seriously. 
We welcome you to our place, to make a meal of it that serves your personal preferences. Whatever feeds your day, in whatever time you have to sit at our table.
This is your TEMPLE. And god, the food is good.

must try! 

  • any of their delicious energy bowls -- our favorite is the Curry Bowl
  • temple's vast collection of cold-pressed juices, all the flavors are refreshing and delish. 
  • Puree Power (Aka Acai Bowl) (Gluten-Free) (All Day Breakfast)


  • We love that Temple offers nutritional meal plans with the guidance of Health coach and plant-based nutritionist Katherine Nilbrink, who is the master of the general well-being plans; Sarah Cuff, registered holistic nutritionist and certified personal trainer, our athletic programs.
    From an easy and invigorating three-day plan for anyone who’s just craving a step (and a smoothie) outside the stress of day-to-day life to fuel for the everyday or the elite athlete, all of our programs offer one-on-one coaching and nourishment and exercises for the mind, body and soul.

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